Sunday, January 9, 2011

my half

he is the half of  me. when nobody's around, when the world turn their back on me, he never fails to stand by me. why, of course, he is my half.

raihan. was born 10 years ago. for 11 hours, including 3 hours in the labor room, i seriously thought i was gonna die young. damn it the pain was unbearable. but, it was washed away when i saw him outta me. i was blessed. a perfect son for me. handsome,brilliant. how did i get so lucky huh..alhamdulillah.

im not really a good mother. but never quit trying to be one.

life is sometimes and somewhat very demanding, ungiving to me. i left my half with my ex-in-laws, for a better future. and there is always price to pay. i missed to see him growing up before my eyes, unlike most mothers.


after four years of misery, of all myriad obstacles, i had become a proud mother for him.

yesterday, after missing so many mother-son stuff, i bought him fishes for his first science experiment. my son is ten, growing into brilliant, good, handsome, soleh young man.

9.30pm yesternite... "umi, jangan lupa tengok juara lagu. aiyyan nak tengok bunkface."

oh my son!!

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